NBT spreads knowledge about fire-protected wood

NBT spreads knowledge about fire-protected wood

NBT spreads knowledge about fire-protected wood

It has become increasingly common to want to use exposed wood products. Either for aesthetic or climatic reasons.
These types of products are combustible and can adversely affect the fire protection of a property.
Because of this, the products often have to be treated with fire protection.
It is important that this is done correctly and with good durability.
NBT is available to promote proper use.
NBT stands for Nordiskt Brandskyddat Trä (Nordic Fire Protected Wood) and is a non-profit association formed in March 2011.
The members are producers, suppliers and retailers, as well as users such as architects, fire protection consultants and others.
Some of the aims of the association:

  • Spread information and knowledge about fire-protected wood - both to market participants and to the general public in the Nordic countries.
  • Work to harmonize the use and information on fire protected wood in the Nordic countries.
  • Provide a neutral platform for information and exchange of knowledge on issues related to fire protected wood.
  • Work to ensure that products, processes, deliveries and use of fire protected wood are quality assured.


At www.brandskyddattra.info you will find detailed information and valuable advice in several areas:

  1. Different methods of fire protection for wood products - fire protection painting and different impregnation. On existing buildings, the wood product must be painted on site. Industrial products must be CE marked.
  2. The purpose of fire protection treatment - and the experience gained from this. It is important to specify in the construction document how and at how many places the color thickness should be measured.
  3. Fire protection impregnation - the refining process that gives different types of wood improved properties to withstand fire, compared to untreated wood. But things like mounting conditions and underlying substrates can also affect. Therefore, every single type of wood must be fire tested.
  4. Measurement methods - as it is a prerequisite for a fire protection painted surface to meet the requirements that there are procedures for applying the right amount of fire protection paint. For the client, it is important to set the right requirements already in the planning, to make the right requirements for how the measurement should be made and reported.

Read a longer article at www.byggteknikforlaget.se (in Swedish)

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